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WJBD - Entertainment - Clooney Releases Statement on Argument with Casino Owner Steve Wynn

Clooney Releases Statement on Argument with Casino Owner Steve Wynn

ABC/Craig Sjodin(NEW YORK) -- After reports surfaced that he had been involved in a heated argument with casino magnate Steve Wynn in Las Vegas last month, George Clooney released a statement contradicting public comments made by Wynn.

Clooney and Wynn had gotten heated last month, People magazine said, after a debate supposedly sparked by the latter's criticism of President Obama.

In a Bloomberg TV interview on Friday, Wynn suggested that Clooney had been drinking and that stars like Clooney were "molly coddled." On Friday, Clooney released a statement to People in which he said that he "will not let [Wynn's] version of the truth go unchallenged."

In Clooney's recounting of the argument, Wynn made unflattering comments about President Obama, which Clooney took objection to. The Gravity star said that he and the others at dinner with Wynn had been drinking, but not nearly as heavily as Wynn had claimed.

Clooney also took exception to another of Wynn's assertions. "He said I live in a bubble. More of a bubble than Las Vegas?" Clooney asked. "I would suggest that Mr. Wynn look to his left and right and find anyone in his sphere that says anything but 'yes' to him." Clooney continued, saying that he "did not attend a private boys' school," and "worked in tobacco fields and in stock rooms."

"I've been broke more of my life than I have been successful," Clooney said, finally adding that Wynn "is one of the richest men in the world and he should be congratulated for it, but he needs to take off his red sparkly dinner jacket and roll up his sleeves every once in a while and understand what most of the country is actually dealing with."

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