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WJBD - Entertainment - Is Andy Kaufman Still Alive? His Brother Says Yes

Is Andy Kaufman Still Alive? His Brother Says Yes

CBS via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Andy Kaufman was known for his elaborate pranks before he passed away. But perhaps his greatest prank of all was faking his own death.

Kaufman died of cancer in 1984, at the age of 35 -- at least, that's what's been accepted as public knowledge. However, his brother, Michael Kaufman, claimed at an awards event in New York City on Monday night that the famous comedian is still alive and that he has a daughter.

According to TheComicsComic.com, Michael Kaufman told the audience at the Andy Kaufman Awards that after the Taxi star died he discovered an essay in which Andy explained that he faked his own death and would make an appearance at a particular restaurant on Christmas Eve 1999. Michael said he didn't see Andy at that restaurant on that date, but he was given a letter, supposedly from Andy, that informed him that he'd fallen in love with a woman and that he has a daughter.

"Andy" also said he wanted his new life to be kept a secret while their father was still alive. The father passed away last summer.

In an even bigger twist, a 24-year-old woman walked on stage at the awards event and claimed to be the daughter referred to in the letter.

It remains to be seen whether this is all an Andy Kaufman-style prank.

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