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FDA Moves to Increase Regulation on Tanning Beds

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) --  Current data says tanning bed use is associated with a 75-percent increase in the risk of melanoma, the most common form of cancer in people ages 25 to 29. In an effort to safeguard consumers, the FDA released a proposal Monday to change tanning beds from a class one to a class two medical device.  

Class one devices are items like tongue depressors and Band-Aids.  By upgrading tanning beds to class two, it places them in a category of devices that has more potential to harm the public.  

The FDA will require tanning bed manufacturers to show that their products meet certain testing requirements.  Also, a warning label will be placed on all beds stating that the use of tanning beds is not recommended in people under the age of 18.  

If the proposal does go into place, tanning bed manufacturers will have 15 months to comply with the requirements.  

The FDA also noted that this proposal does not prohibit the use of tanning beds in teens, but it does strengthen the possibility this could happen at some point in the future.

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