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WJBD - Health & Fitness News - Houston Spa for Newborns Offers Infant Massage, Pools

Houston Spa for Newborns Offers Infant Massage, Pools

iStock/Thinkstock(HOUSTON) -- It's fairly common these days for a new mom to be fêted with a day at the spa. But a new Houston retreat has decided to focus its services on the infants.

Touted as the first of its kind, Float Baby is a new Houston spa catering exclusively to newborns, offering water therapy and neonatal massage at prices comparable to similar treatments for adults.

The water therapy treatment involves attaching a float around the neck of babies 2 weeks to 6 months of age and letting them linger independently in a "near weightless environment of purified water" for 20 to 25 minutes. Float Baby's website lists "muscular and skeletal strength" as well as increased "cognitive development" as just two of the benefits of the therapy.

Tub time costs $65 per session or eight treatments for $415. Babies must have completely lost their umbilical cords in order to participate.

In addition to water therapy, the spa also offers three-week "Peace Baby" infant massage courses to teach moms how to use light pressure and specific strokes to "increase oxygen and nutrient flow to cells, improving respiration" and help babies sleep soundly.

The series costs $165, includes homework and a complimentary 4 oz. bottle of Oli’s Oil.

Float Baby did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for comment. But if their website is any indication, moms seem to like what's on the menu.

"We absolutely loved the idea of engaging our baby in novel stimulation that encourages independence and discovery," wrote two parents in a testimonial on the site. "Your insight into what makes babies smile (and tired) is exceptional!"

Another noted that the therapies had helped relieve her child's dyspepsia.

"I sought out Float Baby as a remedy for my daughter's tummy problems (crankiness, gassiness, constipation, etc.)," she wrote on the site. "And her relief from these was almost immediate! I stayed at Float Baby because there were so many additional benefits~ socialization with other babies, independence of movement before she learned to crawl, "mommy (or daddy) and me time", and most important, she enjoyed her time there!"

Still, another new mom said she would not be immediately booking an appointment.

"I think that is very pricey," said Abby Koenig, a Houston playwright and journalist who gave birth to twin sons in February. "That being said, I've read good things about infant massage for gas and colic and, if I was at my wit's end, I'd probably fork the money over."

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