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Why Family Taped Daughter Watching Own Birth Video

File photo. Image Source/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- When a couple parked their young daughter in front of the television to watch a video of her birth, the girl felt every emotion, from anxiety to pure joy.

"This will happen to me when I'm a grown-up, too?" 8-year-old Athina asks in the video.

Robert Losits said he gave the video to his wife, Renata, as an early Mother's Day present. And since his 8-year-old stepdaughter Athina had asked to see it, he figured he’d videotape her watching it.

"I wanted to make a video of it because I know her expressions are priceless," said Losits, who is based in Hungary and has a channel of YouTube videos called Directions for Dummies.

Athina holds her breath, bites her bottom lip and looks appropriately shocked when her mother tells her, "That's your head."

At the moment of her birth, Athina pulls her knees up to her chest and covers her mouth with her hands in awe. Then, she smiles before looking over at her mother to apologize.

"I'm very sorry," she says. "It was just too dark in your tummy."

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