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A 57-year-old Patoka man has been found guilty in Marion County Court for aggravated criminal sexual abuse.  

A jury deliberated an hour and a half Wednesday before finding Herbert 'Wayne' Dewitt guilty of the charge.  He could receive three to seven years in prison, up to six months in the county jail, or probation when sentenced on August 28th.  

State's Attorney Matt Wilzbach says Dewitt was accused of fondleing a 14 year old girl several times through her clothing between the spring of 2013 and when he was arrested in March.  The girl reportedly admitted to the activity when her mother became concerned about some of her actions.  

The victim, as well as her mother and father, and a person who claimed Dewitt did the same to her 20 years ago, all took the stand for the prosecution.  Dewitt briefly took the witness stand to deny having sex with the 14-year-old girl or the other woman 20 years ago.  

Public Defender Matt Chancey also recalled Sheriff's Department Investigator Anthony Decker and sheriff's deputy John Minton to the stand to try and discredit part of the girls story to impeach her testimony.   

The trial took a day and a half to complete.  

CHICAGO (AP) - Gov. Pat Quinn has blasted a new commercial by his Republican opponent in which headlines from news stories appear doctored. 

Speaking to reporters at a Thursday campaign event in Chicago, the Democrat called the alterations "clearly wrong."  

Bruce Rauner's 30-second commercial called "Headlines" overlays what appear to be newspaper headlines over images of Quinn. The headlines criticize Quinn's record on jobs, schools and a troubled anti-violence program. But a review of the ad reveals several cases where the purported headlines don't match the headlines media outlets actually used.

Citing the ad, Quinn told reporters Thursday his challenger has displayed "a pattern of dishonesty" during the closely contested race. Rauner's campaign says the phrases in the commercial were simply condensed because of time and space constraints. 

CHICAGO (AP) - A Chicago teenager has been released from the hospital after appearing to faint at a campaign event where the Illinois governor ended up kneeling over him and holding his hand before an ambulance arrived. 

Thursday's event began with the 13-year-old flanking Gov. Pat Quinn with dozens of other children at a Chicago church. The Democrat faced TV cameras to speak about gun violence. But as the event began, the Chicago eighth grader toppled to the floor unconscious. Quinn went over, knelt down and held his hand before paramedics arrived 15 minutes later.   

Charles Rice is the boy's football coach and also attended Thursday's event.   He says the hospital released the teen after a few hours and that he's fine. He says doctors said he may have fainted from dehydration. 

CHICAGO (AP) - New federal data show Illinois received 305 unaccompanied children caught at the U.S. border this year. 

The Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families released a state-by-state list on Thursday showing the total released to sponsors from January 1 to July 7. Texas received the most children with 4,280. The other leading states are New York, Florida and California.  

The U.S. has been grappling with a surge in the number of unaccompanied children arriving on the border from Central America fleeing violence. Many believe they'll be allowed to stay in the U.S.

Children are placed in government shelters and then released to sponsors while they go through deportation proceedings. In many cases, the sponsors are the children's parents, other relatives, or a family friend.

A 22-year-old Centralia man is in custody for alleged aggravated battery to a police officer, criminal trespass to land and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Centralia Police arrested Ryan Jacklin of Linden Street after he allegedly grabbed and shoved an off-duty Centralia Police Officer who had ordered him to retrieve an empty bottle he had seen him throw over a neighbor's fence.  

A 36-year-old Centralia man has been arrested by Centralia Police on two counts of theft by deception.   Charles Anderson of South Cherry is being held in the Marion County Jail pending a first appearance in court.

Four others remained in custody Thursday morning after being arrested on outstanding warrants.  26-year-old Jimmy Gramlick of East 7th in Centralia was arrested by Centralia Police on an outstanding DUI warrant.  40-year-old Marceno Rush of Jean Drive in Salem was arrested by Salem Police on an outstanding Clinton County misdemeanor warrant.  22-year-old Brandon Williams of Bradley was arrested by Centralia Police on an outstanding Kankakee County warrant.  26-year-old Thomas Hughey of Main Street in Belle Rive was taken into custody by sheriff's deputies on an outstanding Marion County felony warrant.  

The Marion County Sheriff's Department is investigating the theft of a 6250 watt generator from a job site on the 16-hundred block of Route 161 East of Centralia.  Julie Buchanan of Fairfield reported the theft had occurred about a week and a half ago.   

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