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The Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District is accepting orders for their Fall 2014 fish sale.  

Ten varieties of fish will be offered again this year for pond stocking.  They are channel catfish, albino channel catfish, largemouth bass, black crappie, hybrid sunfish, bluegill, redear, hybrid redear, triploid grass carp and fathead minnows.  

All orders for fish must be received by October 14th, excet for the triploid grass carp which are due October third.  Fish delivery is planned for October 21st at eight am at the USDA Service Center in Salem.  

If you are interested or have any questions, please stop by the office at 15-50 East Main Street in Salem or call Burke Davies at the Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District at (618) 548-22-30 extension three.

Reenactor Barkley Thieleman of Carmi relaxes under a tree in Iuka Park during Wilderness Days

The air at the 3rd Annual Iuka Wilderness Days was filled with gunpowder, fire, and the smell of delicious food as the 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers and the 1st Illinois Battery "D" reenactment groups set up their tents, struck their blacksmithing hammers, and shot a bunch of replica guns and cannons. 

The two groups, both based in southern Illinois, reenact life in 19th Century America. The 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers reenacts life during the early 1810's, when America was at war, again, with England in the war of 1812. Dan Robinson has been participating in reenactments for over 40 years after first getting interested in the War of 1812 during college.

"It's a simpler way of doing things that can still be a challenge...it's a period of time where things were easier to do, and most  satisfying when you were able to do them successfully" Robinson told WJBD.

The 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers are modeled after an actual military regiment based in Southern Illinois during the War of 1812 and the Indian Wars in the early 1800's.

The 1st Illinois Battery "D" uses slightly more advanced technology than the 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers, but that's because they're Civil War reenactors. They brought a full size, 800 pound bronze cannon to the Wilderness Days festival.

The 1st Illinois Battery is based out of Vernon. Terry Sullens is a member of the cannon crew and says the group travels all over southern Illinois.

"We probably do four or five reenactments [a year], as well as dedications at cemeteries and things like this, Wilderness Days in Iuka" Sullens said.

In addition to the reenactors, blacksmiths created and sold their wares alongside tanners, seamstresses, and antique toymakers. Kids enjoyed throwing tomahawks and shooting bows.

Organizers were pleased with the crowd on Saturday. The two day event brings hundreds out to Iuka park from across South Central Illinois and as far away as Paducah, Kentucky.

Burlington, Wisconsin based pilot Chris Kocken takes off from Salem Leckrone Airport during the contest

The International Aerobatics Club's Salem Aerobatics Competition took place over the weekend. Pilots from across the Midwest flew into Salem Leckrone Airfield for the 39th annual contest, which tests pilots skills in maneuvering their aircraft.

"Aerobatics is about precision. It's like figure skating, you have a pre-determined program. It's not about danger, or whoever comes closest, or does the most extravagant thing or the most risky thing, it's about precision, and executing it to perfection" said Mueller.

That's Klaus Mueller, whose practice flight on Friday caused quite the stir when his rudder pedal snapped off, causing competition organizers to put Salem EMS and Fire Crews on Standby as Mueller landed. Mueller and his team drove all the way back to Wisconsin overnight and back in order to get the part to repair the plane, and Mueller managed to get it flying in time for the competition.

The Aerobatics compeition has been held in Salem every year since 1975. Competition organizers say that hostile weather conditions in some parts of the country kept about half of the competitors away this year.

GIRARD, Ill. (AP) - About 90 Illinois middle school students were sent to hospitals Monday after becoming ill because of a carbon monoxide leak, school district and fire officials said.

The affected students were largely middle-school aged at North Mac Intermediate School in Girard, a central Illinois city about 25 miles south of Springfield. The students were conscious and talking as they were taken away in ambulances, North Mac school superintendent Marica Cullen said.

Students not taken to local hospitals were taken to nearby churches where they were being monitored for signs of illness, authorities said. 

Several students complained about feeling nauseous, Cullen said. The school building has been closed and parents have been notified, officials said. 

The source of the leak was a flue that came loose on a gas-powered water heater, and repairs have been made, school board member Terri Worth said.

The Salem City Council Monday night will hear a proposal from Salem Township Hospital officials to close Broughton Street and replace it with a short street that would connect North College Street to Richter Drive in Bryan Memorial Park just south of the hospital's generator building.  

The Salem Hospital Board unveiled the route as their favorite at a special meeting Thursday night and said they would pay the estimated $100,000 cost to build the road.  

Meanwhile, Salem City Manager Bill Gruen says an attempt was being made to build a consensus of the council to approve a slight rerouting of Broughton Street that would allow the hospital to construct the new grade level entrance to the Phase II addition.  The council has not favored an outright closure of Broughton Road in the past.  

Gruen says if the council supports the closure plan, they will have to hold a public hearing as required by law prior to the closure. No hearing would have to take place if the council rejects the closure.

The council will consider proposed changes in the sign code discussed at a prior work session.  Major changes would allow pennants, propellers, paddle wheels, streamers, spinners and other devices designed to be set in motion by the wind.  Off premise signs will also be permitted and requirements for temporary signs placed by businesses and organizations would be relaxed.  

The council will consider bid awards on construction of the Bryan Park walking and biking trail, purchase of a new leaf vacuum, and for replacement of water line on South College Street near Lake Street.  The council will also consider an engineering agreement with Curry and Associates for Water Line Replacement on Lakewood and Pine Tree Drive.  Gruen says $65,000 is available in left over funds for the project from prior state grant dollars.  Curry and Associates contract would be for an amount not to exceed $11,712.

The meeting begins at six Monday night at Salem City Hall.  

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