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Bill Brady

Candidates in Their Own Words: Bill Brady

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

As part of WJBD's commitment to the local community, WJBD News is presenting a series of informative stories on the positions of each candidate for governor on the ballot for the 2014 primary election, scheduled for March 18th. These stories are presented as objectively as possible, and as such we will attempt to use the candidates own words as much as possible. 

State Senator Bill Brady was almost the Governor of Illinois four years ago, narrowly losing to Governor Pat Quinn in the 2010 election, carrying all but Jackson, Alexander, and the heavily populated St. Clair and Cook Counties. The 2014 election marks Brady's third attempt at the Governor's seat; he also ran in 2006, finishing third in the Republican Primary.

Brady has served for 21 years in Illinois politics, first as a State Representative, and now as the Senator for the 44th legislative district in Central Illinois which includes Bloomington, Lincoln, as well as the north side of Springfield and the east side of Peoria. 

On job growth and the economic outlook, Brady supports fracking expansion and says that Illinois will not be able to make economic progress until it gets it's fiscal house in order.

"The first thing we need to do is get Illinois' fiscal house in order. People are reluctant to reinvest or invest in Illinois...a state that is last in so many categories" said Brady to WJBD in an exclusive phone interview.

Brady has aligned himself as a supporter of efforts to keep Centralia's Murray Developmental Center open, and visited the center in February with the help of the Murray Parents association.

"People I talk to know that Murray is needed. There is no question that there is some need for community care...but the folks I talk to know that there are people who need [the kind of care Murray provides" said Brady.

Brady is the only candidate other than Governor Quinn who supports Senate Bill 1, the Pension Reform Bill of 2013. Brady was on the committee to draft the pension reform bill and criticizes his opponents for not dedicating to the bipartisan pension reform bill.

"What I like about the reforms is that it protects the interest that everyone has earned to date, but it may alter the way pensions grow after retirement. My three republican opponents said they support pension reform, but when it came time to support the resolution in front of us, they all scattered. It was a tough decision, and I applaud members of the general assembly for having the courage to vote for it" Brady said.

Brady believe's he is the only candidate that has a proven track record as a gubernatorial candidate, and believes that his close loss to Quinn in 2010 would turn into a blowout win if selected for the candidacy again.

Opponents have criticized Brady as a "Career Politician" and for his vocal opposition to gay marriage and civil unions.

His running mate is former Long Grove village president Maria Rodriguez.

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