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WJBD - Local News - Candidates in Their Own Words: Kirk Dillard

Kirk Dillard

Candidates in Their Own Words: Kirk Dillard

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

As part of WJBD's commitment to the local community, WJBD News is presenting a series of informative stories on the positions of each candidate for governor on the ballot for the 2014 primary election. These stories are presented as objectively as possible, and as such we will attempt to use the candidates own words as much as possible. 

State Senator Kirk Dillard has been involved in Illinois Politics for over 20 years, first taking office as the Senator for the 24th District of Illinois, which encompasses the Chicago area suburbs of Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Western Springs and  Westmont in DuPage County.

The 2014 election marks Dillard's second attempt at the Governorship. In 2010 he barely lost to fellow State Senator Bill Brady, who beat him after several recounts at just 193 votes.

In regards to job growth, Dillard believes in the expansion of the fracking industry and wants to tackle unemployment by improving Illinois' business climate.

"My plan is to make Illinois what I call a 'destination economy' for job creators. We are overtaxed and greatly over-regulated, and we need to take a comprehensive look at every single tax we have in the state. We need a business climate where we do not have to offer incentives for businesses to stay in the Land of Lincoln" said Dillard in an exclusive interview with WJBD.

On the question of the closure of Centralia's Murray Developmental Center, Dillard opposes closure efforts set forth by Governor Pat Quinn's rebalancing initiative. Dillard has attended several Murray Center rallies in the Centralia Area.

"It is ridiculous to close the Murray center. It is a special place with special families, special residents and the staff of the Murray Center is extra special. To me, it's just terrible that Governor Quinn wants to close [Murray Center]" said Dillard.

Dillard opposed and voted against Senate Bill 1, the Pension Reform Bill passed by both houses in December. If elected, Dillard says he would work towards a different system of Pension Reform with "greater savings", according to Dillard.

As for what sets Dillard apart from the other Candidates, Dillard says it's his proven leadership experience, having worked in the Senate for 20 years and serving as former Governor Jim Edgar's Chief of Staff.

"I'm tested, and I'm prepared. That's why Governor Edgar said that I am the one person who can upright the ship of state" said Dillard "I know how to get a democrat-led legislature to live within it's means."

Opponents have criticized Dillard as a "Career Politician" and "Springfield Insider", and has been criticized by some Gun-Rights Advocates for supporting a potential ban on assault weapons.

Dillard's running mate is Anna, Illinois State Representative Jil Tracy, a Southern Illinois Lawyer.

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