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WJBD - Local News - Centralia Sets Sights on Building Demolitions

Centralia Sets Sights on Building Demolitions

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

More derelict houses are coming down in the city of Centralia. The Centralia City Council approved a list of 28 structures deemed by the City's Code Enforcement Division and Image Committee as substandard at a City Council meeting on Monday night. The city plans to demolish the structures on the list over the next year.

Mayor Tom Ashby has called the presence of urban blight and substandard buildings one of the biggest problems being faced by the City of Centralia.

"I've been with the City Manager and checked out [these properties]. They are a detriment to local neighborhoods" said Ashby.

The City will attempt to gain control over the 28 properties or contact property owners asking for their cooperation in demolishing the properties. One of the properties, 415 West 4th Street, is owned by Centralia Resident Roy Smith, who is using the building as storage for his Window business. City Manager Dan Ramey offered to examine the property himself to determine if improvements are needed to take it off the list.

The demolitions are expected to be completed within the next year.

The properties included in the list are located at:

415 West 4th Street

131 S Hickory Street

218 West Kell Street

400 South Walnut Street

527 North Locust Street

614 East Rexford Street

1303 East McKee Street

615 North Lincoln Street

507 Rhodes

1223 ½ Hester

1309 Cedar

522 South Perrine

118 North Cherry

1106 North Maple

431 North Locust

460 Allison

224 North Hickory

129 and 135 North Maple Street

824 Howard Street

533 North Beech

1312 South Hickory

902 East Kell

327 North Beech

611 North Cherry Street

500 South Cherry

700 South Hickory

1002 East Rexford Street

116 West Broadway Street

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