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WJBD - Local News - Development of Kinney Boulevard in Salem in High Gear

Development of Kinney Boulevard in Salem in High Gear

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Salem City Council wants to put development of Kinney Boulevard into high gear.  

The council Monday night voted to seek requests for proposals from both local and national real estate firms to market the property.  City Manager Bill Gruen will bring back the proposed language for the proposal request at the next meeting.    The council also wants to move forward on clearing the property and developing a sign for West Main and Kinney Boulevard that would serve as both a welcome and for sale sign.  

Economic Development Director Jeanne Gustafson showed several possible signs.  "I'd like to do this sooner or later.  When you pull off that interstate, we have something very very welcoming that you sit there and realize we have property for sale, we're a proud community and we look really good," said Gustafson.  

Gustafson asked the city council members and others to take photos of signs they like in other communities for consideration. She also encouraged the council to set a date when a sign choice would be made.  

The council was in concurrence with the City Manager on clearing the brush and many of the trees from the city owned property on Kinney Drive.   Councilman Sue Morgan said there is little indication now that the property is even for sale.  "I think that it just needs to look like it is for sale and what are the boundaries of each one.  It needs to have some kind of direction if people pull up there and may want to buy a lot.  Well where is the lot, you can't see the lot from the trees and the brush," said Morgan.

The council also discussed replacing or improving the current chain link fence along West Main Street.   Public Works Director John Pruden noted the fence was put up by the Illinois Department of Transportation and any changes would have to be approved by IDOT. 

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