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WJBD - Local News - Illinois GOP Candidates for Governor Attack Rauner

Illinois GOP Candidates for Governor Attack Rauner

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

The battle for the Republican party Gubernatorial Ticket is heating up ahead of the March 2014 Primary Election, and the first shots have been fired between the candidates, with at least two of the candidates taking aim at the campaign of venture capitalist Bruce Rauner on Friday.

State Senator Kirk Dillard attacked Rauner over Rauner's recent endorsement by Illinois' largest Republican Party branch, the Cook County Republican Party, accusing Rauner of "Buying the Election" and engaging in "Blagojevich Style Pay-to-Play Politics".

Ask yourself:  why would Cook County GOP bosses support Rauner, knowing that he voted democrat, gave millions of dollars to state and national democrats and is a Rahm Emanuel insider, and hired a convicted Blagojevich insider to win state contracts? There’s only one explanation -- the Bruce Rauner money machine was at work again" Dillard, the former Chief of Staff for Governor Jim Edgar, said.

State Treasurer and Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Rutherford also had Rauner in his crosshairs during an interview with WJBD on Friday. Rutherford says that the endorsement of Rauner is a "negative thing" because most of the people who voted for the endorsements have financial or personal connections to Rauner.

"Mr. Rauner has a largess of money. He's got lots and lots and lots of money. I don't fault anybody for making as much money as possible, but when you're able to spend that much money, you can curry favor. Bottom Line: It's going to come down to who the Republicans think they can trust to be the standard bearer to take on Pat Quinn" Rutherford, one of two Republicans to hold statewide office, said.

Mike Scrimpf, the communications director for the Bruce Rauner Campaign, said that Bruce received the endorsement because his message is resonating within Illinois voters. He said that money is necessary to spread that message.

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