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WJBD - Local News - Kinmundy Board Gives American Obstacle Full Lake Permission

Kinmundy Board Gives American Obstacle Full Lake Permission

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Kinmundy Board of Alderman has given the owners of American Obstacle permission to proceed with an expansion of their operation to include all of the old city lake.  The council has agreed to offer owners Kurt and Lisa Clough a 99 year lease for the old city lake property at virtually no cost to allow a proposed two-million dollar expansion over the next three years.  The city will also assist the Clough's in trying to obtain grant money for the expansion that is expected to create 200 jobs, including 80 full time positions.  

Clough says some of the improvements will be available next year.

"The first thing we're planning on doing is putting ziplines across the lake, that should be ready for 2014."

Clough says a number of buildings will follow.

"We're planning on putting in a 350 person reception hall first. The second building we want to put in is a treetop restaurant, and then we'd like to put in storefronts, so that people who don't want to zipline can do a little shopping." Clough said.

Clough says the restaurant will be unique, "The cooking will be on ground level, but people will be able to walk up a staircase to the dining area in the canopy overlooking the lake." 

American Obstacle attracted 2,000 visitors last year, a number Kurt Clough hopes will grow to 20,000 a year with completion of the full project.  

The Clough's will further explain the project at a Town Meeting at seven Thursday night at Kinmundy City Hall.  Everyone is invited to attend.  

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