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WJBD - Local News - Man Walking Across the Country Stops in Sandoval

Tim Rice and his cart

Man Walking Across the Country Stops in Sandoval

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A 25-year-old former video editor for a small business magazine in New York City spent Sunday night in Sandoval as he walks across the country.  

Tim Rice is documenting his walk through photos, but says that is not the main purpose.  

"I've had a pretty easy life growing up, and I figured that I needed a challenge in my life to force myself to build character and rise to the occasion, so I figured, why not something really hard? Why not walk to LA?" asked Rice.

Rice wasn't sure he could make it at first.  

"It was fairly easy until I hit the first appalachian ridge, and once I got to the top I realize 'wow, I've done this'...it wasn't something I thought I could achieve...once I got voer a hump, so to speak, it gave my a confidence I had never had before in my life" said Rice.

The cart, is a modified baby stroller, that holds 80 to 100 pounds water, clothing, and everything Rice needs to make the cross country trip.   

Rice walks about 30 miles a day.  He admits it would have been easier to bike across the country, but he's always loved to walk and isn't a very good bicyclist.  

Rice's father calls complete strangers in the towns where his son plans to stop trying to make arrangements for a place to stay.  Rice says he's met very nice people along the way, many who have their own stories to tell.  

He thinks his next big challenge will be crossing the desert as he heads for his goal of the Pacific Ocean at Malibu Beach in late October or November.  

Rice will get to visit his parents at their home in Jefferson City, Missouri in the coming week.  He is a photo journalism graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia.

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