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WJBD - Local News - New Centralia Arena Now Has Stained Glass Orphan Window

The New Stained Glass Window now hanging above the entrance to the Centralia High School arena.

Close up of Orphan stained glass window.

New Centralia Arena Now Has Stained Glass Orphan Window

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A retiring Centralia High School history teacher has recreated a piece of the high school's history as a thank you gift to the district.

Sue Settle unveiled the re-creation of the Orphan player stained glass window to the school board Thursday night.  "I was disturbed by the deterioration of the original window at Trout Gym.  When I started working with stained glass last year, it was in the back of my head, 'would it be possible to reproduce that?'  That was my original intent was to reproduce the window.  Because of the way this window was made it wasn't possible, but it was pretty darn close," said Settle.  

The new stained glass window is eight feet tall and 41 inches wide and has been hung high in the air at the entrance to the high school's arena.  Settle credits her husband, Dan, for an engineering feat in figuring out how to hang the window.  The metal frame was attached and the school maintenance staff then lifted it with a fork lift, sliding it into place along a ledge until it was bolted into place.  

Settle began work on the project last October at the Glass Haunt in Benton where she learned the art of stained glass.  "I had a photograph of the old window.  I used a software program that allows you to draw a pattern.  Using glass like that is kind of like paint by number in a way.  You cut all the glass and it has to all fit," said Settle.  

Settle admits stained glass is a very expensive and time consuming project, but is something she wanted to leave behind.  "I'm retiring May 28th.  I'll be done with my teaching career.  I really appreciated Centralia and the fact that I had so much experience as a teacher but yet they let me continue my career here," said Settle.

Settle taught at Sandoval and Streator before coming to Centralia High School in 1995.  The school board thanked her for the back lit stained glass window that will add new character to the high school arena.    

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