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WJBD - Local News - Police Beat for Friday, June 14th, 2013

Police Beat for Friday, June 14th, 2013

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Four people remain in the Marion County Jail following Thursday arrests.   18-year-old Tre-Vionna Perkins of Dr. Martin Luther Ling Drive in Centralia is being held for alleged domestic battery.  He's accused of striking Rebecca Johnson at her home on Redwood Drive in Centralia.   40-year-old Michael Mitcham of South Maple in Centralia was arrested by Centralia Police for violation of an order of protection.  29-year-old Nathan Keller of South Sycamore in Centralia was arrested at the probation office for violation of bail bond. 35-year-old Julie Holmes of West Spruce in Salem turned herself in on an outstanding Marion County misdemeanor warrant.  

The Marion County Sheriff's Department is investigating a residential burglary to a vacant home on Oak Grove Road in Salem. Robert Bullard of Odin reported the door was broken, papers were laying all over the floor and a flat screen television was stolen from the home of his late father.   

Salem Firemen used their hazmat team to answer a call about a Salem woman being adversely effected by a chemical coming from her drain.  Firemen say they could find no problem at the Marty and Katheryn Luety home at 102 Chatum.  Firemen think the odor could have been caused by sewer gas that had dissipated before they arrived or a drain cleaner used a few days earlier.   

Kell Fire Chief Lonnie McDaneld estimates damage at $1,000 from a tractor fire.  The tractor was being operated by Brian Austin of the 7104 Kell Road in rural Texico when the fire broke out around 11:22 Thursday morning.   McDaneld says the fire was caused by a mechanical problem.   There were no injuries.   

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