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WJBD - Local News - Police Say Stay Home As Area Tries to Recover from 11 Inch Snowfall

Police Say Stay Home As Area Tries to Recover from 11 Inch Snowfall

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Area Police Departments are still advising everyone to stay off the roads Monday.  The area has been hit with a triple whammy, with 11 inches of snow and then a free fall of below zero temperatures ushered in by strong winds that is causing major drifting problems. 

Even the major highways still are having drifting problems that in some places have reduced them to one lane.  Some traffic on northbound Interstate 57 north of Salem didn't move for four hours Sunday night following an accident, trucks jacknifing, and vehicles sliding off the road.  Traffic conditions improved overnight, but as of noon State Police and Marion County Sheriff's Deputies say the sun is making the ice cover on the road extremely slick and creating some new slowdowns.  

Many secondary roads in the rural areas are reported as impassable Monday morning due to drifting and travel should not be attempted.  In Salem and Centralia, the major highways are still slick and hazardous with second roads largely still snow covered.   

Road crews are out, but with temperatures not expected above five below zero and gusty winds are making progress difficult.  Road salt doesn't work in those cold of temperatures and the winds will continue to cause drifting problems.   Virtually all schools are closed along with many businesses that are closed or opening late Tuesday.   

The Salem Water Plant officially recorded 11 inches of snow from the storm.  

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