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WJBD - Local News - Rauner Meets Supporters in Salem

Rauner's supporters give a standing ovation as he enters Sharon's Cafe.

Rauner speaks to supporters at Sharon's Cafe.

Rauner shakes hands with US Congressman John Shimkus

Rauner Meets Supporters in Salem

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

Sharon's Cafe in Salem was the first campaign stop of the week for Republican Candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner, as he joined local constituents and lawmakers for a packed breakfast outing. 

The Winnetka businessman's platform of tax cuts, and job growth went over well with Marion County voters. Rauner promises to "Shake up Springfield" and promised supporters that he would win the election, with their help. In addition to removing the temporary tax hike, which Governor Pat Quinn is proposing the state make permanent, and cutting back on business regulation, Rauner says he plans to root out corruption, starting at the Governor's mansion.

"I'm a self made business man, and I'm proud of my success. I've made my own good money, so I can't be bribed, bought or intimidated. I can stand up to special interests. I'm not even going to take a salary [if I win], I'd rather that money stay with the taxpayers" Rauner told the crowd to massive applause.

Rauner has been travelling throughout southern Illinois, building up his base in the usually republican-leaning part of the state. He said his message has been well-received across the state.

"The enthusiasm has been phenomenal. People are frustrated. Pat Quinn has failed. He's failed on jobs, he's failed on education, he's failed on taxes, and now he's under federal investigation for corruption. He and his buddy Blagojevich have really taken us into the tank. The voters know it, and we're getting a great response" Rauner told WJBD.

The crowd was packed with guests such as Salem Mayor John Raymer, county clerk Steven Fox, State Congressman John Cavaletto, US Representative John Shimkus, and members of the Murray Parents Association and the friends of the Murray Center. Rauner has thrown his support behind efforts to keep the Murray Center open.

Rauner has never run for public office. The multi-millionare businessman is one of the founders of investment firm GCTR, and won the republican nomination with his running mate, Evelyn Sanguinetti, after narrowly defeating Kirk Dillard late last year. He is expected to be in a tight race with Governor Quinn and his running mate, Paul Vallas, this November.

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