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Two of the lead vehicles for the Kyle Price Memorial Run followed by a long line of motorcycles stopped for the East Lawn Cemetery stop in Salem.

Kyle Price's younger sister Rachel Hunsell addresses the crowd at the Salem stop as her father John Hunsell, Staff Sergeant Jamison Sweet, and Salem Mayor John Raymer looked on.

Riders Remember Fallen Marine

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A U.S. Marine from Woodlawn was remembered Saturday in the 8th annual Kyle Price Memorial Ride.   Around 100 motorcyclists braved the cool and rainy weather to join the run that began at the Woodlawn Veterans Memorial before making stops in Centralia's Fairview Park and Salem's East Lawn Cemetery before returning to Mt. Vernon.  The Veteran's Memorial in East Law Cemetery was the back drop for the stop in Salem.  Among those speaking was retired Marine Staff Sergeant Jamison Sweet who got to know the Price family after having the duty to inform them of their son's death in combat in Iraq in January 2006.  "There are so many sacrifices that have happened and each one of you--veterans, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps--it's because of you that flag still stands so proud.  So don't ever forget that.  Stay strong with each other and within the community," Sweet said.

Price's youngest sister, Rachel Hunsell, reflected on what she had learned from her brother.  "It was not for nothing and he gave his life for me and people that he didn't even know people in the future who would care for me and love me and take me into their families and I think that's one of the most important things he's taught me.  It's just having an impact on someone else and showing that you have to be compassionate and show others that everything they have to offer is important," Hunsell said.

Salem Mayor John Raymer welcomed the ride to Salem, noting the role William Jennings Bryan and the G.I. Bill of Rights crafted at the American Legion in Salem played in history.  Hannah Lowery received three rounds of applause after singing the soldiers song.

This year's ride was dedicated to its founder and Kyle Price's Boy Scout Trooper Leader Ron Riley, who passed away in October of last year.  Proceeds from the ride help provide five annual $500 scholarships.

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