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WJBD - Local News - Rural Health Clinic Set For Completion

Rural Health Clinic Set For Completion

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Rural Health Clinic is now expected to move into its new expanded location at Salem Township Hospital in mid-October.  Hospital President Stephanie Hilton-Siebert gave the hospital board an update on the project Wednesday afternoon.

"We've got a lot coming together in the next couple of weeks with the coronation. We're looking at mid-October for the building to be completed. We'll then submit an application to the state requesting occupancy" Hilton-Siebert said.

The pharmacy is expected to open in its new location in November.  The Hospital Board approved adding an additional restroom to the project at a cost not to exceed $25,000.  Hilton-Siebert says work is also progressing on the new addition.

"They're moving forward with pouring the basement.  They're working with a full crew to get things done before inclement weather comes" Hilton-Siebert said. 

Hilton-Siebert reports actual demolition of the 'B' wing will occur after the specialty physician clinics are moved out into a new area being completed adjacent to the new rural health clinic.   That area will eventually become a same day stay area after the new area for the specialty physician clinics is completed.  Hilton-Siebert says the overall project remains on target, with a fall 2015 completion date. 

Hilton-Siebert told the board she was extremely pleased with the health fair held at the hospital for the first time on Tuesday.  She reported lots of staff participation and promised to feature other resources available to the hospital, like the MASH unit, at next year's event.  Hilton-Siebert says over 700 vouchers were sold for low cost blood testing.   

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