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WJBD - Local News - Salem Grade School Board Increases Lunch Prices

Salem Grade School Board Increases Lunch Prices

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

New Federal Regulations have led to the Salem Grade School District reluctantly raising the price of school breakfasts and lunches for the first time in over ten years. The board approved the price raises, which were calculated based on a method mandated by the federal government as a part of the recent federal overhaul on school nutrition.

Superintendent Mark Cartwright added that the district does not raise the prices willingly, and that they only did so because of the pressure from the state to comply with federal regulations. The prices approved from the board are still below the price recommended by the federal government.

Lunch prices have been bumped to $1.25 for prepay students, $1.50 for Kindergarten through 1st grade, $2.00 for 2nd through 4th graders, and $3.00 for students in grades 5-8. Milk will be .25 and a la carte items .50 each. Breakfast prices will be $1.00 for students.

The board accepted a bid from Lucky L Lawn care to handle the district's lawn care. An unorthodox method of bid acceptance was utilized due to the similarities between the two companies that had the lowest two bids. Turf Lawn Care submitted a price of $285 for once-a-year lawn mowing, however Lucky L submitted a bid of $275 for the first year, $285 for the second year, and $295 for the third year. Cartwright and the board elected to put both companies names in a bucket and randomly draw the winner, and Lucky L was selected and subsequently approved.

The board honorably dismissed several paraprofessional personnel, including Lacy Scott, Traci Morkassel, Jennifer Mann, Connie Scherrer, Carla Jacobson, Andrea Hayes, Jamie Powless, and Dawn Snow.

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