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WJBD - Local News - Salem High School Tightens Security, Revamps School Lunch Program

Salem High School Tightens Security, Revamps School Lunch Program

Entry will be greatly restricted to Salem Community High School during the coming school year.  Superintendent Brad Detering told the school board Tuesday night all doors will be locked when students are not passing between classes.  

"We'll be looking at having only one door for parents to come and get their students, and they will have to be buzzed in... all exterior doors will be locked during the school day in the passing periods because we have the setup of the vocational buildings, where you have to cross the road to get to the vocational site. We will be using automated door locks...that will be open based on a timer... so it will be a lot more secure." Detering said.

But Detering says the higher level of security will bring a higher level of inconvienance as well.  He hopes everyone understands they are taking the actions to make the school safer.  Work is currently underway to wire the building for the new security system.   

Students will also have a big change in how they pay for school lunches.  

"[It's] a computerized system, where each student has their own lunch account that parents can choose any number of ways in which they would like to put money on that account. and then students will be able to purchase their lunch against it, and their accounts will be debited..." Detering explained.

Detering says students will be able to add money to their account each morning.  The system is designed to correct an audit finding that the old payment system allowed students to know who was eligible to receive free and reduced lunches.  

Detering had good news to share with the school board on the budget.  He reports they finished the last fiscal year $65,000 in the black.  

"We were really able to kind of scrape by, and that's attributed to a lot of people here who were able to do things with less, and weren't really asking for large scale purposes, because they knew this was an unprecedented time in state funding." Praised Detering.

At the beginning of the year, there was a fear a deficit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars was possible.   Detering hopes the budgeting is easier next year because of several staff members not being replaced who retired or resigned.   

Detering reported the tuckpointing work on portions of the building was continuing and the senior parking lot had been resurfaced.  The cost of the resurfacing will come out of funds collected for student parking permits.   

In personnel action, the board accepted the retirement resignation of cook Jackie Shuler.  Tom Owen resigned as assistant track coach.  He will continue as a study hall supervisor and assistant girls basketball coach.  The board employed Cecil Rowe as boy's soccer coach, Drew Johnson as fall play director and Hillary Chappell as assistant fall play director.   

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