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WJBD - Local News - Shimkus Wants HHS Abortion Coverage Transparency

Shimkus Wants HHS Abortion Coverage Transparency

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

In the wake of a landmark Supreme Court decision allowing certain employers to opt-out of Affordable Care Act provisions mandating the coverage of certain types of Birth Control, 15th District Illinois Congressman John Shimkus is calling on the Department of Health and Human Services to release a list of ACA exchange policies that include abortion coverage.

"if a person is so committed to their beliefs one way or the other and wants to buy a product that has it, or doesn't have it...that they know about it. Hopefully this court cases raises the cry that the public wants to know one way or the other" said Shimkus.

As it currently stands, customers are unable to tell whether or not plans obtained through state and federally run insurance exchanges cover abortion procedures or not. Abortion coverage is not mandated under the Affordable Care Act, but some policies will include coverage for abortions. Shimkus says that the list of policies that do was promised to him by former HHS Secretary Katherine Sebelius.

"At the first question, she said she would provide it. The second questioning was a bit more heated and she still did not provide it. We finally got it as far as the services in the small business exchange, but to the public as a whole it's still unknown" Shimkus told WJBD.

Shimkus said in a press release that "No American business owner or consumer should be required by law to pay for an insurance policy that would violate their constitutional right of conscience."

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