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WJBD - Local News - Squatter Arrested Following Brief Police Chase in Central City

Larry Evans, also known as Mfalme El Bey

Squatter Arrested Following Brief Police Chase in Central City

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A 28-year-old Centralia man being sought for allegedly entering a foreclosed house without permission has been arrested following a brief police chase in Central City Tuesday morning.  

Marion County Sheriff Jerry DeVore says Larry Evans, also known as Mfalme El Bey, was initially stopped on Commercial Street at Hardin.  Evans was told he was under arrest and ordered to shut down the vehicle and exit.  Instead, Evans said he wanted a supervisor at the scene, rolled up the window, and put the Jeep in gear and took off.  He was blocked in with the help of a Central City Police officer a few blocks away.  At that point, DeVore said Evans exited the vehicle, put his hands behind his back and was taken into custody.  

Both Evans and a passenger, 49-year-old Antayus Haskins of North Sycamore in Centralia, were taken into custody for criminal trespass to the foreclosed home on Tonti Road north of Sandoval.   A mattress that was among furniture removed from the home earlier by a caretaker for the Department of Housing and Urban Development was being transported on top of the Jeep indicating the two had been back at the home.  While Evans was detained, Haskins was released on a notice to appear in court.  

DeVore says the sheriff's department was first notified someone was squatting in the home on February 11th.  When Evans was found at the home two days later, deputies discovered he had furniture delivered and the locks changed.  He was detained, but released without charges being filed the next day as the State's Attorney's office sought more information.   

The furniture was later removed by the property caretaker.  However, the caretaker later returned the furniture to outside the home after receiving numerous telephone threats.   

Evans had filed some paperwork at the County Clerk's office trying to show ownership of the foreclosed property because he belonged to a group that were among the original settlers of North America.  

Deputies had been seeking Evans the past few days before he was located driving in Central City Tuesday morning.  

Wilzbach is still waiting for all reports in the case to be gathered to determine what charges will be filed when Evans makes his first appearance in court on Wednesday.  

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