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Salem Coaches Stress Conditioning

The Salem Wildcat Football team continued fall workouts and are inching ever closer to the 2013 Shrine Game with Centralia.

But ten days away from kickoff, Head Coach Kevin Greene says Salem had yet to work on an important component of a football game.

"We haven't done anything with special teams yet, just because of the practice time being reduced. We just haven't had time to. So we're going to utilize our morning practices this week, which we have two of them, to get our special teams installed. Our special teams are pretty simple. It's not a real time-consuming thing but we've really just tried to focus on the bigger two phases so far this last week and this week, and making sure that our guys are getting in shape."

To that end, Greene, who also teaches weight training at the high school, typically ends practice with a reminder to the players about taking care of their bodies; icing up sore areas, getting plenty of sleep, and maintaining proper nutrition.

"You say it, and you say it, and you say it, and you say it, and you say it again. And you just hope that at some point it resonates with them. And for a lot of the guys, I think it truly does. Some guys it won't ever sink in with. But just a simple thing of going to a healthier place to eat as opposed to an unhealthy place; knocking off the soda and some of the energy drinks that so many of our teenagers are into right now."

Conditioning becomes that much more important when Salem transitions to full pads for this afternoon's practice.

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