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WJBD - National News - Woman Accidentally Shot in Face at Philadelphia Train Station

Woman Accidentally Shot in Face at Philadelphia Train Station

iStock/Thinkstock(PHILADELPHIA) -- A 21-year old woman waiting for a train in Philadelphia was accidentally shot in the face on Friday. 

Shirley Williams was sitting on a bench as an off-duty security guard next to her was going through his bag. The security guard's gun went off, and the bullet hit a table and the wall before striking Williams in the cheek.

Williams said, "I was just sitting there, waiting to meet up with some friends... all I heard was a boom and my face started bleeding."

Authorities say Williams is not seriously injured; police lieutenant Johnny Walker said the bullet ricocheted before it struck her.

Walker said, "She's very, very fortunate that the energy of the bullet was taken out by the metal bench, and then it bounces into the ceramic tiles, which is obviously fortified and bounces off there and into her. So it takes two strikes before it actually hits her."

Williams said, "I'm just happy I'm okay. I mean I really don't care at this point. I'm just happy I still have my life and walk away right now."

Police are questioning the security guard.

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