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The Odin Fire Department will be offering free shuttle rides to the Odin Park Friday and Saturday as a result of the recent rains that have resulted in wet conditions in the park.

The shuttle buses will run from 5:30 to the conclusion of the event each night.  Parking will be at the Odin School Parking lot on South Merritt Street.  

Parking at the park will be limited due to weather conditions.

Friday Cancellations


The Centralia Annies regional semifinal game with Marion has been moved to Saturday at 2pm.  The game will be held at Greenville's Jaycee Park.

Centralia Issues Boil Order

The City of Centralia has issued a boil order on Locust St from 4th to Broadway until further notice.

Please contact the Centralia Public Works Department at 533-7640 with any questions or concerns. 

FMC Water Company is lifting the boil order issued Thursday for Ticklen Road and part of Seven Hills Road.


FMC Water Company will be making repairs to the water main on Simmons Road north of Press Road on Tuesday, May 31, or Wednesday, June 1.  It may become necessary for water service to be interrupted on Simmons, Virgil and Shanghai Roads, and Shepherds Lane. 

If a water outage is experienced, customers will be immediately placed on a boil order.  During a boil order, water intended for culinary use should be boiled for five (5) minutes.  FMC Water Company apologizes for the inconvenience and appreciates everyone’s patience.  

More information will be released as necessary, or customers may check the answering machine at the FMC Water Company office by calling #775-6339.

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